Message to our community: Branson transition update

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, North York General Hospital

This year will be an important year in the transition of Branson Ambulatory Care Centre services and programs to new locations in the community. Having announced two new locations last year as well as committing to redeveloping parts of our 4000 Leslie St. site, we are well underway in designing and creating the spaces to meet the future needs of our patients and families, as well as our staff, physicians and volunteers.

In relocating clinical services, we are taking into account valuable feedback from surveys, interviews and discussions with our patients, community voices, staff and physicians. Choosing the locations was a big step forward and involved careful planning and consideration. Spaces had to be accessible by public transportation as well as within close proximity to the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre.

We had initially planned to finish transition of all the Branson programs and services in 2019. While many of the programs will move within this timeframe, due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be a delay in the transition of some of the programs and services. It's important to note that these programs and services will continue to operate in the Branson facility until the new transition date and there will be no disruption in the care we provide.

The current transition plan is as follows:

  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outpatient Program and services to the Phillips House will occur in spring 2019
  • The Outpatient Plastics and General Surgery will move to the West lobby in May 2019
  • The Shared Hospital Laboratory, located in the Branson basement, will be moving to Sunnybrook in fall 2019
  •  The Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Diabetes Education Centre, the Centre for Complex Diabetes Care, Ontario Breast Screening Program and the Bone Mineral Densitometry program will move to the 2 Champagne Drive in winter 2020
  • The regional eye surgery centre, diagnostic cystoscopy services, the Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre, the urology outpatient program, colposcopy and Specialized Geriatric Services, which currently resides at Seniors' Health Centre will move to 243 Consumers Road in spring 2020

During this transition process, as programs move out of the Branson site we will be consolidating remaining programs where possible to improve safety and quality of service.

We will be sure to update you on next steps once detailed information becomes available. Please visit our website to find out the latest information about Branson or feel free to send an email to We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Please note that this email is to address questions related to Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. To provide feedback about your experiences at NYGH including compliments, concerns, questions and suggestions, please contact

Finally, I would like to acknowledge everyone who has played a role in making the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre transition as smooth as possible. I am grateful to our community members, patients and families, staff, physicians and volunteers who have generously offered their time and insight to help improve our care and create.

Thank you,

Joshua Tepper
President and CEO

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