Our vision for patient-centred care

Driving improvements in high-quality, safe, patient-centred care is what every staff member, physician and volunteer strives to do each day at North York General Hospital (NYGH). 

We are guided by our strategy, a roadmap of our goals and objectives that fulfill our: 
Vision: Excellence in integrated patient-centred care through learning, innovation and partnerships, and 
Mission: Providing exceptional health care to our diverse communities. 

Recently, the hospital’s Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors approved an extension of the current strategy into 2019. 

The extension of our strategy will continue to be driven by our desire to:

  • DELIVER High Quality Safe and Accessible Care
  • CONNECT Care through Partnerships,
  • TRANSFORM Care through Applied Research and Innovation, and
  • ADVANCE Care through Teaching and Learning.

We're confident in our ability to achieve our next set of goals because of our commitment to cultivating the best People and Culture, creating the most patient-centred Care Environments, targeting investments in eHealth technologies and growing our Funding and Philanthropy.

vision: excellence in integrated patient-centred care through learning, innovation, and partnerships

“There is strong support from across the organization for building on the success we have achieved and leveraging the momentum we have gained through all of the work that has been accomplished to date,” says Karyn Popovich, President and CEO. “I am excited to lead the hospital as we implement this next phase of important work.” 

Senior leaders, directors, chiefs, managers and the Patient and Family Advisory Council provided input on the priorities that will improve care for patients. 

Going forward, some of the projects we will be focusing on are:

  • Implementing Choosing Wisely initiatives that focus on reducing unnecessary tests and treatments to the benefit of patients and the health care system (DELIVER).
  • Collaborating with community partners to integrate the patient journey from acute care in the hospital to community care to support the recovery of patients receiving hip or knee replacements (CONNECT).
  • Leveraging a joint data warehouse between NYGH and the North York Family Health Team to enable research to improve gaps in care between the hospital and community by studying medical care and outcomes for patients across these two care settings (TRANSFORM).
  • Developing our Master Plan to ensure the hospital has the physical capacity and appropriate facilities to meet the needs of our patients (Care Environments).
  • Introducing a patient portal allowing patients to have electronic access to their personal health information and hospital services (eHealth).

 Since our strategy launched three years ago, a great deal of work has been undertaken to position North York General as a leader in many areas of the health care system. These areas include surgical wait times, research, information technology, safety and integrating Patient and Family Advisors into all levels of policy making at the hospital.

“There is no final destination when it comes to achieving excellence in health care,” says Karyn. “We continuously measure our progress against the goals we have set and then raise the bar once we have achieved what we set out to do.” 

Learn more about North York General Hospital's strategic plan.

This article first appeared in the July-August 2018 issue of The Pulse. 

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