Stand Out Recognition Awards

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On October 25, 2018, North York General Hospital (NYGH) had the pleasure of recognizing and awarding individuals and teams with our Stand Out Team Award and Stand Out President's Award.

Recognizing our staff, physicians and volunteers for Making a World of Difference in the lives of our patients, residents, community and peers, reinforces our commitment to patient-and family-centred care and our unique culture — one that is created by a group of talented, committed and positive individuals working together to make North York General Hospital a great place.

Team Award

The Team Award is an annually nominated recognition award that celebrates up to two teams taking the NYGH core values and “NYGH Integrity Statement” behaviours to the next level. These teams go beyond just incorporating the behaviours into their work to doing something that creates a lasting impact.

The Team Award winners are:

Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care

The nomination read:

The palliative care team

The  nominations read:

“The team is comprised of a physician lead, six palliative care physicians, three advanced practice nurses, a registered nurse, a social worker, a psychiatrist, a project coordinator and an administrative assistant who provide services in hospital, clinic and in-home settings. By providing comprehensive care and using shared resources and communications, the team minimizes the challenges which typically appear in transitions. The outcome is continuity — patients and their families experience seamless and transparent transitions in care, and support by one consistent team. The patient and family are central to the concept of advance care planning — the proactive setting of goals for care and experience. Such planning is done jointly every day by members of the Freeman team through in-depth meetings with patients and families.”


Maternal Newborn MoreOB Core team

The maternal newborn team receives an award

The nomination read:

“This team has enthusiastically taken accountability to support the roll-out of the Managing Obstetrical Risk Effectively program to all interprofessional team members working in Labour and Delivery (L&D) and the Mother and Baby Unit (MBU). “This past year, the team identified the management of post-partum hemorrhage (PPH) as an important quality and safety initiative for patients and families who come to North York General to give birth. The team has worked over months to set priorities, determine objectives which will support the goal to reduce the PPH rate, and decide on metrics to monitor progress and next steps. In all their activities, the team consistently demonstrates our core values, and role models the commitments we promise in our integrity statement.”

Geriatric Day Hospital team

The geriatric day hospital team receives an award

The  nominations read:

“The Geriatric Day Hospital team is innovative, caring, committed and passionate about Geriatrics and about delivering patient-centred care, regardless of the pressures around them. Despite hectic schedules and strict deadlines in this part-time program, the team continues to work efficiently and effectively while maintaining a high patient satisfaction.”

President's Award

The President's Award is an annual nominated recognition award that shines the spotlight on up to three individuals. It is awarded for embodying the NYGH core values and the “NYGH Integrity Statement” behaviours in a way that supports the delivery of the organizational strategy.

The President's Award winners are:

Michelle Smart, Unit Secretary, Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic

Michelle smart receives her award

The nomination read:

“Michelle addresses each and every patient with respect, thoughtfulness and kindness. She multitasks like no other and always with a welcoming smile and the willingness to help whoever asks. Michelle spends her days checking in patients, answering our ever ringing phone, booking appointments, dealing with requests from nursing and physicians in person and through email — all while she is sitting with a waiting room full of patients. When discharging patients from the clinic she spends time ensuring patients understand their plan of care and how they can navigate health care to serve them better should they run into any difficulty. Many of our patients have commented on how wonderful Michelle is and are in awe of how she does it all so professionally.”

Margaret Heyland, Volunteer, Volunteer Services

Margaret receives her award

The nomination read:

“Throughout Margaret's 50-year volunteer career at NYGH, she has provided countless hours of service — always putting the needs of our patients and their families first. I believe that perhaps Margaret's nursing background makes her more nurturing than most, she is a natural caretaker. She is aware of our patients' frame of mind and keenly observant of their body language. She has the ability to actively listen to their needs and to overcome communication challenges. Margaret is also extremely empathic and respective, people feel valued, they feel her sincere desire to help them and trust her to do so.”

Parisa Parnian, Pharmacist, Medicine and Neuro-Stroke Unit

Parisa receives her award

The nomination read:

“Parisa truly encompass the NYGH core values, supporting the organization strategy of excellence. Parisa is always polite and warm towards patients, their family and colleagues even when she is busy. Parisa's respect is impartial and is extended to all, regardless of whether or not she is approached in a manner that may be less than polite. She maintains her respectful and mild demeanor; she is able to diffuse situations that have the potential to become escalated. This quality of respect also makes Parisa approachable."

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