Upon admission, if you choose a preferred accommodation (semi-private or private room), you must provide:

  • A signed Billing Consent form (forms available in the Patient Registration Office),
  • A valid credit card, and/or
  • The name of your insurance company, policy and certificate number, policy holder and group name

Before admission, it is your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage, including any limits. Due to privacy concerns, the hospital is unable to verify insurance coverage and assumes no responsibility to verify any patient's insurance coverage. The hospital will submit a claim to your insurance company; however, if the insurer does not cover any part of the room charges, the responsibility for full payment remains with the patient/guarantor.

Accommodation options

 Room type

 Room description

 Charge for room


 Four (4) beds per room

 Covered for patients with a valid
 Canadian health card such as


 Two (2) beds per room

 $250/day* charged to patient 
 and/or insurance plan


 One (1) bed per room

 $300/day* charged to patient
 and/or insurance plan

 These prices are applicable to patients covered by a Canadian provincial health plan.
 *Prices are subject to change without notice.

Charges for semi-private or private rooms (preferred accommodations) are not covered by any provincial health plans or by North York General Hospital. You, your guarantor or insurance plan are responsible for the full payment.

North York General Hospital directs a large portion of these fees to cover the room expenses. The remaining revenue goes directly back to the nursing unit and will be used to improve patient care services.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still request a semi-private or private room if I don't have an insurance plan? 

Yes, you can request a semi-private or private room. You will be asked to sign for your request and provide payment.

I am currently an inpatient at NYGH. I thought my insurance covered a semi-private or private room but I have just found out that it does not. Can I change my request?

Yes, you will need to sign another Accommodation Request Form indicating your new room request. If you had requested and were staying in a semi-private or private room, you will still be responsible for any charges that were incurred up to the date of your room change request.

To change your room request at any time during your stay, please contact the Accommodation Office: Tel 416-756-6137. Please be advised that once discharged from NYGH, changes cannot be made to the room requests that were incurred during your stay. 

What if I request a semi-private or private room, and you are unable to accommodate my request?

All patient requests will be considered, but room assignments are subject to availability.

Once I have been assigned to a room, can I be transferred out?

Yes. It may be medically necessary for another patient to be placed in the room you are in and you may be transferred, regardless of your ability to pay. Should this happen, we ask for your understanding, as patient safety is a priority at North York General Hospital.

I have extended health benefits, how do I find out if my insurance plan covers semi-private or private room accommodations?

All insurance companies and plans are different — not all insurance plans provide coverage at 100%. We encourage all patients to confirm directly with their insurance company, even if you believe you know your coverage, as insurance plans can change. There should be a contact number on the back of your benefits card. Due to privacy concerns, the hospital is unable to verify insurance coverage and assumes no responsibility to verify any patient's insurance coverage.

What if my insurance does not cover the full amount of the semi-private or private room fee?

If your insurance covers a portion of the semi-private or private room rate, the hospital will bill you directly for the difference in the amount.

I provided the hospital with my insurance information, so why am I receiving a bill?

You are receiving a bill because your insurance company has not paid the hospital as of yet — please follow-up with your insurance company for further details regarding your claim.

I received a bill from the hospital however I have extended health insurance. How can I provide this information?

If you did not provide your extended health insurance upon admission, please email to provide the following:

  • Scanned copy of your extended health insurance benefits card (both front and back of the coverage card)
  • Scanned copy of your bill

Please note: The Ontario Disability Support Program and drug benefit programs do not cover preferred accommodation costs.