Visual Identity


NYGH logo

The bold and elegant icon comprises two letters H, one blue and one melon-yellow, intersecting to form a pattern of multiple colours. It can be interpreted as a mosaic, collaboration or integration. The icon can also be seen as a tapestry representing the diverse communities we serve.

The blue inspires trust and is the international hospital blue. At the same time, North York General is more than an acute care hospital — we are a complex, multi-site organization that provides acute, ambulatory and long-term care as well as specialized geriatric services.The blue is balanced by the melon-yellow, which is bright, optimistic and life-affirming. These interwoven Hs reflect the continuity of care and integrated services that our multiple sites work together to provide.

We have also shortened our name to North York General, which is what most people call us. Hospital is now implied in the logo's blue H.



Our tagline is Making a World of Difference. This truly captures what is happening at North York General. Our unique combination of clinical excellence, academic reputation, patient volumes and diversity provide us with the opportunity to be leaders who adopt the most innovative practices and technologies, and visionaries who dream and work towards the ideal patient experience.

Watch the video North York General launches new brand: