Palliative and Supportive Care Administration

Sandy Buchman

Dr. Sandy Buchman, Medical Director & Freeman Family Chair in Palliative Care
"Palliative care is ​​​​a holistic, inter-professional approach to health care for those experiencing life-limiting illness. It focuses on alleviating human suffering in all its domains - physical, psychosocial & spiritual - for patients and their loved ones with dignity and compassion."

Linh Chau

Linh Chau, Administrative Assistant
"Palliative care is improvement in quality of life for both patient and family members through continuous compassionate support."

Alexia Tavares

Alexia Tavares, Unit Secretary
"Palliative care is enhancing a person's current care by focusing on quality of life for them and their families"

Headshot - Sarah Beattie

Sandra Beattie, Project Coordinator
"Palliative care is holistic care - providing compassion, comfort, meaning, dignity and support for people facing the end of life and for their loved ones”.

Rabih Yehya

Rabih Yehya, Clinical Team Manager
"Palliative care is our commitment and dedication to provide relief of physical, psychosocial and mental stress. We take into consideration patients' and their families' health goals and values, as well as their spiritual, existential, and religious beliefs."

Jo-Ann Fernando v6

Jo-Ann Fernando, Clinical Team Manager
"Palliative and Supportive Care is compassionate connected care between patients and their families and their health care partners”

Stan Feinberg

Dr. Stan Feinberg, Medical Director, Ambulatory, Cancer and Transitional Care Programs
"Palliative care isn't about dying — it's about improving someone's quality of life as they define what is important to them."