Palliative and Supportive Care Nurses and Social Workers


Shannon Poyntz

Shannon Poyntz, Nurse Practitioner, Supportive Care Clinic
"Palliative care is listening to, respecting and supporting patient and family wishes to enhance comfort and quality of life."

Sarah Yip

Sarah Yip, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Inpatient
"Palliative care​​ is a team approach, where each discipline views the patient and family from a different lens but walks with them and provides support on this journey."


Marsha Butler

Marsha Butler, Social Worker
"Palliative care is patient- and family-centred care that promotes quality of life."


Karen Lock

Karen Lock, Nurse Practitioner, The Edwin S.H. Leong Geriatric Supportive Care Outreach Program
"Palliative care is an approach to care for anyone living with a serious illness with unpleasant symptoms. It doesn't mean the end is near. It's all about having good care, good symptom control, good support for the individuals and their loved ones, and good working partnerships with the various health care team members so that the person with the illness can live better."


Kata M

Kata Mrazovac, Registered Nurse, Palliative Care Clinic 
"Palliative care is patient- and family-centred care that promotes quality of life and ensures dignity."

Tina P

Tina Parassakis, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Outreach
"Palliative care is transforming the way we live. Palliative care is quality, and not quantity."


Gillian Sammy

Gillian Sammy, Social Worker
Palliative care is active collaboration between patients, families, and the health care team that strives to optimize a person’s quality of life. It is a person-centered approach that encourages ongoing communication and empathy toward patients’ needs, values, and wishes, ensuring that they feel dignified and supported throughout care.”


Carolyn Willson v2

Carolyn Willson, Nurse Practitioner
Palliative and Supportive Care is a holistic approach to helping people with a life limiting illness to live well”