Learner Mistreatment

LA - Mistreatment




I have a concern...

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional learner environment where you feel safe and respected while you are at NYGH. If you have a concern during your placement, please consider the following actions below so we can address your concern. 

*Call 911 or seek immediate assistance from onsite security or other authorities if you are concerned about impending harm to yourself or others.

Options 1: DISCUSS

Discussing is when you meet with a designated program leader to talk about, debrief, or unpack an incident or experience. If you are comfortable, this could include:

  • your preceptor or supervisor
  • your area or professional lead (such as education lead, chief, manager, practice leader or clinical coordinator)
  • a designated hospital leader (see below)

Option 2: DISCLOSE

Disclosing is when you convey information about the conduct of an individual to the hospital (a designated hospital leader) to seek information about your options, including for safety, support, or accommodations.

Option 3: REPORT

Reporting is when information about an individual’s conduct is conveyed with the intent that the hospital formally reviews and potentially acts upon the information.



Disclosure/Reporting Form

Email a designated Hospital Leader

*Email communications should be clearly labelled “Confidential report for the attention of ...” to ensure priority review.

*For medical students and residents, you also have the option to alternatively Disclose/Report mistreatment directly through the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

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Centre for Education Leadership Team

Dr. Rick Penciner
Director, Medical Education & Centre for Education 

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Manager, Centre for Education