Seeking an Enriching Educational Experience

Enriching Educational Experiences for University of Toronto Medical Students

The Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE) Program provides University of Toronto medical students with opportunities for clinical placements either as a required part of the Foundations Curriculum or as non-curricular activities. EEE activities play an important role in a student's career development, and allow students to experience and explore different practices and specialty settings. These experiences are organized directly between students and supervisors and take place during designated self-directed learning times in Years 1 and 2.

University of Toronto students seeking an experience

Steps for students seeking an experience at North York General Hospital: 

  1. Find a preceptor. Students are required to find a preceptor on their own or by reaching out to the appropriate department contact. The Centre for Education is unable to facilitate the coordination of these experiences.

  2. Arrange and confirm date(s) with preceptor.

  3. Register the EEE in MedSIS. Students will NOT be able to register at NYGH or start their EEE until the activity is logged into MedSIS.

  4. Contact the Centre for Education at to notify us of your EEE date(s) and name of supervisor.

  5. Register for your experience upon receiving a welcome email with information and link to the NIRV registration system. 
    a. Ensure you have registered your EEE date(s) in Medsis. 

  6. Visit the Centre for Education (6N – 630) on the day of or the day prior to the EEE to obtain:
       a. An NYGH ID badge
       b. Scrubs – if needed

  7. At the conclusion of the experience, return the ID badge and scrubs to the Centre for Education.