Meet Stacey Daub, Vice President, Strategy, Integration and Digital Health

Stacey Daub

This past October, North York General Hospital (NYGH) welcomed Stacey Daub as our new Vice President of Strategy, Integration and Digital Health. With over 25 years of experience in health care and a reputation for building trusted care partnerships, she has held several critical leadership roles including President and CEO of Headwaters Health Care Centre. Stacey has a Masters degree in Health Studies and Gerontology from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey Business School.

As the newest member of the Leadership Team at NYGH, The Pulse caught up with Stacey to ask a few questions about her role.

What brought you to this role at NYGH?

I’ve long admired North York General Hospital - strongly connected to its local community and primary care, the hospital has a stellar reputation for quality and patient centred care, as well as being a great place to learn, work and improve the delivery of care. The hospital’s commitment to teaching and research is unique to a community hospital and is incredibly inspiring. I am a mission driven, values-based leader and NYGH’s culture of caring, collaboration and commitment to excellence are an excellent match for my desire to work in partnership to make a positive difference for patients, clinicians and our community. 

This new role is truly one of a kind and represents a unique opportunity to help co-design the future of the hospital as well as to advance our community partnerships and digital health strategy to help transform care for our community.   

What are you most excited about in your new role?

At its core, health care is really all about people and relationships and I am most excited about getting to know, and working with the incredible people, who are team “North York”. I have received an exceptionally warm welcome from patients, leaders, primary care partners and the entire community. The energy and enthusiasm I’ve experienced with every conversation to date has made it clear to me that the North York community sees itself as a trailblazer.    

I’ve hit the ground running and thanks to the great teams I am working with we are well underway with the development of a new strategy for the hospital as well as working with patients, primary care and our community partners to advance our newly announced Ontario Health Team, North York Toronto Health Partners. We are also working to advance new ways of serving our patients and community, with the development of a virtual care strategy for the hospital.   

Can you give us an update on developing the hospital new strategy?

North York General is set to launch a new strategy in Spring 2020. The intent of the new strategy is to build on our strengths as a hospital and to create a future-oriented shared purpose and set of unifying priorities that will capture the hearts and minds of all who work at NYGH. Having led this type of work in the past, I know how important it is to connect directly with the different groups we serve and interact with to ensure we get it right. An incredible amount of work has gone into hearing from those who live, work and receive care in the community and the feedback to date is driving the development of the new shared purpose and priorities for the hospital. 

How will North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP) – an Ontario Health Team (OHT) benefit patients?

The goal of OHTs are to build a connected local system of care centred around patients, families and caregivers. As a first-generation Ontario Health Team, NYTHP has an incredible opportunity to improve how our patients experience care across the continuum and in the words of one local primary care physician, “we need to make care, make sense”.     

I see OHTs acting as a turbo charge for our local partnerships, creating new and faster paths to making on the ground improvement for patients and, with time, supporting important improvements to overall community health. NYTHP have made a joint commitment that we will co-design and care for our community together.  Side by side patients, primary care, hospital and community partners will work together to redesign local systems of care.  I’ve been impressed by the conversations and work of the partnership to date, noting an equal emphasis on setting up the partnership for success, while at the same time advancing real change on the ground for the people we serve. Local leadership from primary care, patients and community agencies has been inspiring and sets a high bar for our work ahead.    

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love Scrabble. I play in a local neighbourhood scrabble club and always on the lookout for my next seven letter word!  I am always up for a speed round at lunch, if anyone is game!

This article first appeared in the December 2019- January 2020 issue of The Pulse.

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