Patient Experience Partner (PXP) Program

North York General is transitioning the Patient and Family Advisor (PFA) Program to become the Patient Experience Partner (PXP) Program. This change will support an enhanced role for patients, families and caregivers at NYGH.

The PXP Program will play a vital role in creating collaborative partnerships among our patients, family members, staff and physicians and in engaging diverse communities in new ways so that we can better meet their needs.

The PXP Program also reflects our commitment to strengthen People-Centred Care at NYGH and how we are applying this approach to the design and delivery of care services. 

Who are Patient Experience Partners?

As volunteers, Patient Experience Partners are former patients and/or family members of patients at NYGH within the past three years. They play an advisory role in decision-making across NYGH and its community sites that is meaningful. By consulting with management teams across the organization, PXPs provide important perspectives on a wide range of initiatives, programs, projects, services and policies. They work in partnership with the organization to support a people-centred care environment and experience for everyone. 

What do Patient Experience Partners do?

PXPs partner with teams across NYGH to jointly design improved experiences for patients, residents, families, and caregivers. They are involved in a wide range of short to long term hospital committees, projects, and initiatives that best match their interests, experiences and availability.

Examples of work include:

  • Collaborating on quality improvement initiatives to standardize and improve the patient experience. 
  • Being embedded with unit teams of frontline staff to develop trust and a greater understanding in day-to-day operations such as staff huddles, inpatient rounding, and family meetings. 
  • Participating on the Research Ethics Board and working with researchers to ensure consent forms for studies are written in a patient-centred manner. 
  • Helping to improve the flow and design of hospital areas. 
  • Sharing your patient story at a meeting and/or event to build empathy and understanding about the patient experience. 
  • Advocating for the patient perspective on hospital committees.
  • Reviewing patient materials for different hospital programs 
  • Supporting the Accreditation process of the hospital. 
  • Offering the patient perspective in capital redesign and renovation projects.
  • Participating in the hiring of hospital leaders.

What are the qualities of a Patient Experience Partner at NYGH? 

People interested in becoming a Patient Experience Partner should be:

  • Willing to volunteer for a minimum of two years.
  • Willing to be continuously involved with at least one committee or ongoing project during their term (the monthly time commitment will depend on the nature of the committee/project). 
  • Interested in collaborating with staff and other patients and families.
  • Committed to improving the experience of all patients and families.
  • Open to listening to and considering different opinions and ideas.
  • Conscious of the PXP role as a partner in improvement with NYGH rather than an advocate for patients.
  • Committed to NYGH’s core values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Collaboration.
  • Committed to NYGH’s vision of being an environment that fosters equity, inclusion and anti-racism within the workplace and health system.
  • Curious and willing to learn new skills.
  • Respectful of privacy and confidentiality. 

Becoming a Patient Experience Partner 

If you are interested in making a difference in healthcare delivery at NYGH and think you meet program eligibility criteria, we want to hear from you!

NYGH is committed to building a PXP group that reflects the diverse communities we serve. Equity deserving communities will be a guiding focus in our recruitment so we encourage applications from

  • people with disabilities
  • Indigenous, Black and racialized individuals
  • economically disadvantaged individuals
  • people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

Please contact Shana Haberman at or call 416-756-6467 to schedule an information phone call and learn more.