Visitor Access Guidelines

June 8, 2021

We understand the importance and integral role families, loved ones and caregivers have in providing physical, social, and emotional support to patients. North York General’s Family Presence Policy has changed in response to COVID-19. Family/Support Persons or Caregivers may visit if they meet the policy criteria or have been approved by the clinic/department.

Visiting a patient looks different than before:

As we continue to respond and adjust to the changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have updated our Family Presence Policy During COVID-19 Pandemic to be consistent with other hospitals and in accordance with the expanded measures across the province. 

The changes to the hospital visitor policy include:

  • No visitors for COVID positive patients with the exception of a patient at imminent end-of-life.
  • No visitors for patients who are 18 and over and are awaiting the result of a recent COVID-19 test (labor & delivery and post partum patients excluded). Patients with a negative COVID-19 test during this hospitalization will be eligible for a daily two-hour visit with one of two designated family/ support persons.
  • Visits for a majority of patients have expanded to a daily two-hour visit with one of two designated family/support persons.
  • The Emergency Department – one designated family/ support person/ caregiver may accompany a patient for the duration of the ED stay. Patients may not be accompanied once admitted to a unit.

    Visitors who identify as any of the following may not visit:
    • Visitor is COVID positive
    • Patient awaiting COVID test results
    • Visitor is a household member of a COVID positive patient or patient awaiting test results
    • Visitor is under restriction from the Health Protection and Promotion Act
    • Visitor is under restriction by Quarantine Act (international travel)

* If you do not meet any of the criteria to visit a patient, please consider a virtual family visit.

Visits must be pre-booked in advance to help us minimize crowding, by contacting the unit where the patient is staying.

Please view the instructional videos prior to your visit.

    1. What to expect the day of your visit
    2. How to put on and take off your mask properly
    3. How to put on and take off personal protective equipment if needed

*Please read the FAQ below for more information on how to book your visit and what to expect

A support person will not be able to accompany you throughout your appointment:

For patients who have clinic or medical imaging appointments or having a day procedure (e.g., endoscopy or day surgery), please note that a support person will not be able to accompany you throughout your visit. Persons accompanying you will have to wait outside of the hospital and meet you at the West exit when your appointment/procedure is completed. 

Exceptions may be made if deemed necessary by the clinic/department based on patient safety, assessment required or patient history that can’t be obtained over the phone. Please speak with the clinic/department prior to the date of your appointment/ procedure if you feel a support person is necessary.

Day of visit

Please do not visit the hospital if you are feeling unwell, even if it is only the mildest symptoms.

Entering the hospital:

  • Enter only through the South lobby entrance. The only exception is for those going to see patients in the Emergency Department (ED) – you must enter through the ED.
  • When entering the organization, everyone is screened for COVID-19 symptoms. For faster and easier screening, patients can pre-screen up to 12 hours before their appointments. After completing the tool, patients can take a picture or print their form and show to our screeners at the entrance. Click here to access the pre-screening tool.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot to allow for screening.
  • Upon arrival, you will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms. People displaying any symptoms will not be able to visit and will need to reschedule.
  • Screening staff will provide a surgical mask to all patients, support persons and visitors when they enter the hospital or our other facilities. Personal cloth masks/face coverings will no longer be permitted on site.  

During your visit:

  • When you arrive on the unit, please sign in and follow staff instructions.
  • Strict infection prevention measures must be followed throughout your visit including frequent hand washing, wearing personal protective equipment if necessary, as directed by staff and maintaining physical distancing.
  • You must remain in the patient’s room for the entire scheduled visit. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, going for walks is currently not permitted.
  • Food may be brought if individually packaged and may not be shared. All leftovers must be discarded and cannot be kept in unit fridges. All containers must be cleaned at home and unit pantry’s may not be used.

When your visit is over:

  • When your visit ends, please sign out on the unit.
  • Exit the hospital immediately by the West exit on the 1st floor.