Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan 2020-2025, Thinking Beyond, was shaped by the input and ideas of thousands of patients, families, staff, physicians, learners, researchers, volunteers, donors, partners, residents, and health system leaders.

North York General is constantly thinking and going beyond for our patients, our community and our people. As people and communities change, North York General will continuously evolve to meet their needs. We are driven to achieve the promise of people-centred care – to create a welcome and inclusive environment that contributes to health equity.

And as a leading academic community hospital in Canada, we are constantly thinking beyond the present to make health care better through knowledge, discovery and training the next generation.

By creating healing spaces, fostering wellness and a connected care experience through strong partnerships, embracing innovation, and achieving long-term stability, we are paving the way for our next 50 years.

North York General Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025 Thinking Beyond water colour cover

North York General’s Purpose:

Making a world of difference
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Strategic Directions:

Our Values:

Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Collaboration

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