Simulation Program

The Simulation Program provides education opportunities for staff, physicians and learners at North York General Hospital through the development and delivery of diverse educational sessions by incorporating a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical situations.  The benefits of using simulation include:

  1. The freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them;
  2. A learning experience that can be customized; and
  3. Providing detailed feedback and evaluation

Simulation is the imitation or representation of one act or system by another.  Healthcare simulations can be said to have four main purposes: education, assessment, research, and health system integration in facilitating patient safety
(Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2021).

Four nurses assisting a mannequin patient lying on a bed during a simulation.

The Simulation Program at North York General Hospital

  • Supports a Simulation Community of Practice of simulation teachers & educators
  • Strives to improve staff confidence in clinical, communication, and equipment usage skills
  • Strives to improve communication during crisis situations
  • Supports awareness of standardized hospital processes encompassing clinical situations and patient care
  • Assists in increasing capacity within staff to handle various situations including those that are high risk but low occurrence
  • Fosters staff satisfaction because of increased continuing education on-site and hands-on practice

The Simulation Program also supports

  • Design of new spaces in the hospital
  • Recruitment of new staff
  • Development and implementation of new ways we do things

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Sarah Branton, RN, BScN, MScN

Manager, Simulation

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