Integrated Quality and Safety Framework

At North York General Hospital (NYGH), providing safe, high quality health care in an environment that encourages learning and innovation is an integral part of our mission, vision values and strategic plan.

NYGH has developed the Integrated Quality and Safety Framework which is grounded in well-established industry standards for quality management and aligned with our mission, providing exceptional health care to diverse communities. The framework establishes what NYGH does to effectively manage quality and safety and it defines six elements of quality and safety management:

  • Patient and Staff Well-Being
  • Quality Improvement
  • Safety for Everyone
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Planning
  • Resource Stewardship
NTGH Integrated Quality and Safety Framework infographic

Patient and staff well-being

To enable our staff and physicians to provide optimal patient care it is essential that they have physical and mental supports in place.

Quality Improvement

A systematic approach to making changes that lead to better outcomes (health), stronger system performance (care) and enhanced professional development.

Safety for Everyone

Providing a safe environment for staff, volunteers, patients and visitors through collaboration, knowledge transfer, transparency and engagement.

Resource Stewardship

The process of balancing competing demands for various types of resources that are used for delivering health care services.


A roadmap of work to be undertaken to improve and manage quality, safety and resources.

Enterprise Risk Management

A framework for a corporate approach to assess risk and develop strategies to manage these risks.

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