Everyone Counts – Health Equity Measurement Survey

The Everyone Counts Health Equity Measurement Survey asks all patients at North York General about themselves.

Differences in income, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, education and other parts of our identities influence people’s access to health care and health outcomes.

We are committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

What is health equity?

Health equity is part of excellent health care. Health Equity means that every person has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible by reducing unfair differences in access to services and the quality of care received.

What to expect

Our Health Equity Measurement survey will be rolled out across the hospital in phases.

You will be invited to complete the survey during your visit. The surveys will usually be sent by email, but there may be instances where you can complete the survey in-person.

You can choose what information you share by ticking “prefer not to answer”. Your answers will not change how we treat you.

How we will use your information

Your information will help us improve the quality of our services and make it easier for everyone to receive the care they need.

This could include changing the way services are delivered, for example including cultural traditions and providing care in different languages.

Your answers will be protected by our hospital’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your care team may see relevant survey answers through your patient chart, but apart from patient care, the data will be de-identified and used in aggregate form for analysis.

We will listen to the people who are affected by health inequities.

We want to hear from patients and community members for their advice about how we can continuously improve how we deliver the survey.

We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable completing the survey. To share your thoughts, please contact us.

Contact Us:


(416) 756-6125