Health and Safety


Because many people experience allergic reactions to latex balloons, they are not allowed in the hospital. Mylar balloons are safe and are allowed at North York General Hospital.

Cell phones

Cell phones and wireless communication devices, such as two-way pagers and personal digital assistants, are allowed in the hospital in areas where they will not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. As a courtesy, please turn off your cell phone during appointments.

Cell phones are restricted and must be turned off in the following areas of the hospital:

General site:

  • Operating suites (first floor)
  • Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency’s patient care areas (1st floor)
  • Medical Imaging (first floor)
  • BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre (1st floor)
  • Tippet Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (2nd floor)
  • Intensive Care Unit (6th floor)
  • Telemetry Unit (6th floor)
  • Waiting area (6th floor)
  • Finch Site Reactivation Care Centre:
  • Medical Imaging (1st floor)

In addition to restricted areas, due to privacy concerns some programs may have policies that require all cell and wireless communication devices be turned off during treatment.

Emergency codes

North York General Hospital values the safety of its patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers. The Emergency Preparedness Committee is comprised of interdisciplinary staff members with links to external partnerships. Their role is to provide a safe environment by developing, training and testing effective emergency response procedures for all sites. Learn about our emergency codes.

Fire alarms and exits

Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the building. During a fire alarm, all elevators return to the main floor and are not operational. All fire doors automatically close until there is an “all clear” announcement on the speaker system. Patients should stay in their room during a fire alarm. Do not move to another place unless a member of the fire department or other hospital staff ask you to move.

ID badges

All our hospital staff members wear a photo identification badge. You may request to see the ID badge if it is not visible.

Protection Services

Protection Services maintains a safe and secure environment for all patients, staff and visitors. Security officers are on site 24 hours a day and are available to assist you. To contact security, dial 416-756-6049. Hospital doors are secured after visiting hours and reopened early in the morning. If you require entry during the night hours, you can enter through Entrance 1 South (opposite the Visitors’ Parking Lot) by speaking into the intercom located between the two doors and a staff member will release the door for you.

Scent-free environment

NYGH is a scent free hospital — please consider those who may have allergies or suffer from chemical sensitivities and avoid wearing scents like perfume, colognes, aftershave.

Smoke-free environment

North York General is a 100% smoke-free facility. Anyone wishing to smoke will have to leave hospital property. Learn more about a smoke-free NYGH.