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North York General Hospital’s Colorectal Cancer Program in Toronto offers some of the best cancer surgery wait times in Ontario and a dedicated survivorship program that provides holistic care.

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Our Colorectal Cancer Program serves patients who have biopsy-proven, primary colon or rectal cancer.

Learn how we’re with you from diagnosis to survivorship

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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Patient Education

Why Choose NYGH’s Colorectal Cancer Program?

North York General Hospital’s program cares for patients along their entire journey; from diagnosis to quality care to surgical treatment to chemotherapy through to survivorship or palliative care.

  • We are one of the very few hospitals in Canada to review every single rectal cancer case by a multidisciplinary tumour board.
  • We are leaders in minimally invasive techniques including trans-anal microsurgery (TAMIS) for colorectal cancer.
  • NYGH is a leader for Wait times for Cancer Surgery in Ontario.
  • We are actively participating in clinical trials and research.

The program offers some of the best wait times, a dedicated Colorectal Cancer Patient Navigator, expertise in minimally invasive surgery, regular communication every step of the way and one-step referral services.

Our surgeons offer leading-edge surgical techniques and expertise in minimally invasive surgery. Their techniques are safe and innovative — patients have less pain, heal faster and go home sooner.

Additionally, symptomatic patients can access expedited colonoscopies, receive support from a dedicated patient navigator and customized information kits and online resources.

Close up photographer of Richard. He smiles at the camera. He has light-tone skin and dark brown gelled hair. He wears a dark suit with a checkered collared shirt and tie. He also wears dark rimmed glasses.

The care I received from the team at NYGH was excellent. A day after my surgery I was walking, and three days later I was home.

— Richard, colorectal cancer patient

Close up photograph of Sandra. She smiles at the camera. She has dark shoulder length hair and a green shirt.

Everyone, from my surgeon to rehabilitation and volunteers, was helpful and provided me excellent post-op information and care.

— Sandra, colorectal cancer patient

Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Program

NYGH’s Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Program addresses the unique challenges faced by colorectal cancer patients under 49 years old.

While the incidence of colorectal cancer is decreasing among older people, it has increased among younger adults. A difficult diagnosis to face at any stage of life, patients with early onset colorectal cancer often have young families and are at the beginning of their careers, creating additional anxiety and stress.

In addition to the comprehensive, patient-centred care provided by NYGH’s Colorectal Cancer Program, patients in the early onset program also have access to genetic counselling, psychiatric oncologists to support mental health and gynaecological and urological care to support sexual health and fertility.


Our Colorectal Cancer Program serves patients who have biopsy-proven, primary colon or rectal cancer.

Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program: 

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