People-Centred Care Strategy

At North York General, People-Centred Care is foundational to delivering on our Strategic Plan 2020-2025, Thinking Beyond, and supports each of the Strategic Plan priorities.


Our People-Centred Care Strategy envisions NYGH as a place where People-Centred Care is embraced across the organization and is key to what makes us a recognized leader. Our strategy will also support innovative approaches to co-designing services with patients, care partners and community members to deliver outstanding experiences and outcomes while advancing community health.

people come first in everything we do. Drive the Future of Integrated Health Care. Be an Exceptional learning community. Investing in a better tomorrow.

Strategic Pillars and Goals

The NYGH People-Centred Care Strategy consists of two strategic pillars and their accompanying goals:

Enhance a Culture of People-Centred Care

  • Deepen the culture of People-Centred Care to the front line.
  • Extend our reach to the community and other key stakeholders.
  • Build a people-centric measurement system to drive innovation and improvement.

Transform the NYGH Service Experience

  • Hard wire co-design as a core change method.
  • Focus on health services innovation from the patient’s perspective.
  • Measure service experience of external stakeholders.

Building on our expertise in working with patients and families, embracing People-Centred Care at NYGH will allow our organization to thrive in the future by providing outstanding care experiences and outcomes while improving the health and wellness of North York.