Breast Cancer Care

North York General Hospital’s (NYGH) breast cancer care program in Toronto, which includes the BMO Breast Diagnostic Clinic, is the first comprehensive breast cancer care program in Canada to receive full accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons.

We strive to put patients first in everything we do. Our goal is to provide excellent patient- and family-centred care throughout your stay or visit at the hospital.

Breast Cancer Care at NYGH is provided through an Integrated Care Collaborative (ICC). An ICC is a system of health care providers, clinics and services focused on breast cancer patients and their families. This focus means that patients receive evidence-based care, following best practices in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative environment.

Physician team

Learn about the skilled surgeons and plastic surgeons who are part of North York General Hospital’s breast cancer care program. Read short biographical information on our surgeon team and get contact numbers. (PDF)

Care delivery cycle

Breast cancer is a complex disease that will affect one in nine Canadian women during their lifetime. As part of the ICC, you may be seen at the hospital during different phases in your care. The activities involved in each phase will be based on your treatment plan and will be discussed with you and your family by a health care provider.

At NYGH, education, support, and coaching are provided for you and your family along the entire breast cancer journey – from receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, to planning your treatment, to breast reconstruction, to survivorship.

Patient navigation

All patients and families have access to a patient navigator at NYGH. The patient navigator is your dedicated contact and resource, providing emotional support, coordination of care, and education every step of the way. By working with you, your family, and clinical staff, the patient navigator is your care coordinator, making sure you know what to expect and when and where your next appointment will be.

Support and Counselling

A diagnosis of breast cancer and coping with the treatment is difficult for most patients and their family members. The need for support can begin even before diagnosis and continue to the end of treatment and beyond. Learn more about support and counselling resources here.