Energy Performance

In compliance with Regulation O. Reg. 507/18 ( website), North York General Hospital (NYGH) is pleased to share its annual energy consumption data and Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan.

NYGH is required to make public its annual energy consumption and resulting greenhouse gas production. These results can be found in the following documents:

At North York General we believe that healthy patients need a healthy planet, so over the years we have made a serious commitment to decreasing our energy consumption, waste production, and reducing our carbon footprint.

NYGH has been a proud member of the organization Greening Healthcare for over 10 years. Greening Healthcare is the largest program of its kind in North America, helping hospitals work together to lower their energy costs, raise their environmental performance and contribute to the health and well-being of their communities. Members manage data, assess their performance and track savings using a powerful online system. They share knowledge and best practices through workshops, webinars and networking to help plan, implement and verify improvements.

2019‒2023 Energy Consumption and Demand Management Plan

North York General Hospital has prepared this Energy Conservation and Demand Management plan that will reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, lower utility costs, upgrade building systems and provide a positive economic return on investment. It presents energy savings achieved and lessons learned since the previous plan was posted in 2014, and lays out the goals, strategy and business case for the hospital’s energy efficiency investments over the next five years. We are committed to improving our energy efficiency, while maintaining occupant comfort and meeting the expectation of the general public and the Ministry of Health to efficiently deliver the highest quality health care services to our community.

2019‒2023 Energy Consumption and Demand Management Plan (PDF)