Emergency Codes

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is comprised of interdisciplinary staff members with links to external partnerships. Their role is to provide a safe environment by developing, training and testing effective emergency response procedures for all sites.

Code BlackBomb Threat
Code BlueAdult Cardiac Arrest
Code BrownHazardous Spill
Code GreenEvacuation
Code GreyLoss of Essential Service
Code OrangeExternal Disaster
Code PinkPaediatric Cardiac Arrest
Code PurpleHostage Taking ̸ Person with Weapon
Code RedFire
Code WhiteViolent Patient
Code YellowMissing Patient
Code AmberMissing Infant ̸ Child

What are emergency codes?

An emergency code is a notification of an event that requires immediate action. North York General utilizes standardized colour codes as supported by the Ontario Hospital Association. Staff, physicians and volunteers understand what each code refers to and are aware of how to respond to provide a safe environment. See the listing below for a description of our emergency codes. 

Who do you notify in case of an emergency? 

5555 is the emergency number at North York General.

When you dial 5555 from an internal phone, this is answered as a priority call — identify your location and the type of emergency. As a result of this call, appropriate help will be sent to this location.

Codes and definitions

Email emergencypreparedness@nygh.on.ca for more information on emergency preparedness at North York General.