Paediatric Complex Care Clinic

The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic provides centralized, full-service care, close to home. North York General Hospital is the fourth hospital in Ontario to introduce the one-stop model for complex care in paediatrics. The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic team delivers excellent, patient- and family-centered care and works towards improving the quality of life for both you and your child.

The clinic will help oversee your child’s health care needs and partner with you and any health care provider involved in your child’s care. The Paediatric Complex Care team will help make sure your child is getting the right care, at the right time, in your own community.

What is complex care?

Children who have complex medical conditions, such as extreme premature birth, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease and children who do not have a clear diagnosis, tend to be treated by more than one health care provider, are considered to have complex care needs. 

Complex care is a coordinated, comprehensive and collaborative model that is designed to fit each patient’s unique needs.

Complex health needs may include:

  • Use of multiple services and specialists
  • Taking many different medications
  • Reliance on medical technology (such as feeding tubes or oxygen)

Referral form 

  • All referrals to the Complex Care Program are triaged at the Hospital for Sick Children. Please submit the referral through ECHN/EPIC
  • Please contact our Clinic Administrative Coordinator at 416-756-6548 if you have any questions about new referrals

Why choose us? 

The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic helps patients and their families manage the effects of many health concerns. 

Benefits of the Paediatric Complex Care Clinic:

  • Receive care that is designed to fit your child and family’s unique needs, close to home.
  • Work with a team that gets to know your child and family.
  • Get help navigating through the larger health care system.
  • A consistent partner in your child’s health care journey.
  • A reliable and accessible resource for any concerns about your child’s health.

What we offer

Complex care planning: We will review your needs and work with your family to create a Complex Care Plan. The plan will include your child’s medical information and can be easily shared with other health care providers involved in your child’s care. After each clinic visit the plan will be updated. 

Help setting goals: We will help develop short- and long-term health care goals with your family. 

Care coordination: We will provide your child’s health care providers with their Complex Care Plan. This will help make sure communication about your child’s needs are consistent and your child is getting the right care at the right time. 

Ongoing support: We will get to know your child and family and will provide support throughout your child’s health care journey. 

Help making informed decisions: We will help your family make informed decisions about treatments and care plans. 

Staying connected: We will be there when you need us. Call or email the paediatric nurse practitioner in between visits for any questions or concerns about your child’s health.