What to expect

Inpatient Information:

Visiting Hours

  • Overnight accommodation for caregivers — caregivers are always welcome to sleep overnight in their child’s room on the Paediatric Unit.
  • Non-designated family members are welcome to visit between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Patient activities offered:

  • Smart TVs (in patient rooms)
  • iPads (available upon request)
  • Video game consoles (available upon request)
  • Free hospital wide Wi-Fi
  • Dr. Noelle Grace Family Room (lounge for families with kitchenette and small play area)
  • Teen Lounge (activity space dedicated for adolescent patients)
  • Pet therapy
  • Paediatric volunteers (provide parent relief and patient activities)

If your child has any other comfort items or activities, you are welcome to bring them for your stay.

Child life specialist — The Child Life Specialist is educated and trained in the developmental impact of illness and hospitalization. In collaboration with your family and the medical team, the Child Life Specialist will work with your child to help them cope with the stress and uncertainty of hospitalization. By engaging your child in therapeutic play, diversional activities, psychological preparation for upcoming medical experiences and distraction during procedures, your child’s anxieties and fears will be reduced during your stay.

Patient and parent satisfaction survey — Patients and families are asked to fill out a satisfaction survey just before going home. The survey results give the team valuable insight into our strengths as well as areas where we need to improve to ensure a positive patient and family experience.

Grace’s Place (surgical waiting room) — Offers children and their parents a comfortable area to spend time together before surgery. The room is filled with toys and games to help distract children from the surgery ahead and reduce their anxiety.

Visitor Information
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