Post-Partum Unit

At North York General Hospital, mother and baby can stay in the same room in our Post-Partum Unit.

The unit features bright patient rooms with ensuite showers. Each bed is equipped with its own television but TV rental rates apply. Visitors can wait comfortably in the Patient/Family Lounge.

Your health care team works with you and your family to ensure you and your baby are healthy and you feel prepared to care for your baby at home.

Through consultation with our Patient and Family Advisors, we have found that individual preferences are quite varied regarding family presence during the postpartum hospital stay. Some new parents prefer to have set hours designated to spend with family so that they have time to prepare themselves for their visitors. Other parents prefer to have their family and friends choose when it is convenient for them to be with their loved ones in hospital.

In either case, we encourage families to ensure they give new moms time to rest and learn how to feed and care for their babies. Please take time in advance to think about how family presence in the hospital will work best for you, and share your wishes with your nurses so that we may support you to meet your needs.