Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit (MFM) is a unique multi-disciplinary service offered at North York General Hospital that supports high-risk pregnancies. The unit draws on the advanced knowledge of Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, radiologists, geneticists and neonatologists to provide care for maternal diseases, fetal anomalies, preterm labour, twins and more.

The unit coordinates several services in collaboration with other hospital departments including:

  • Genetic services – our Genetics Department works closely with the MFM Unit to provide the latest in genetic testing to detect genetic disorders during pregnancy. It also provides comprehensive consultation and collaborative care planning with patients and families.
  • Medical imaging – the MFM unit and Medical Imaging Joint Clinic is integrated to provide specialized care to pregnant patients with pregnancy-related conditions including twins, short cervix, fetal anomalies, and fetal growth restriction using the latest advances in medical imaging.
  • Paediatric consultation – the MFM unit will work closely with the Paediatric Consultation Clinic to provide follow-up services from emergency care and general paediatric consultations from community paediatricians and family doctors. 

The MFM unit is committed to making the hospital experience a positive one and to ensuring the best possible outcomes for expectant individuals and their babies.

High-risk patients are referred to the MFM Unit by their obstetrician, family physician or midwife.

Attention health care providers:

To refer a patient, please complete this form, attach all relevant medical documents and fax it back to: 416-756-6355.

Or send an e-referral through Ocean (external website). We will contact you with an appointment.

If you have any questions, contact us at: 416-756-6444 ext: 4052.