Prenatal Screening and Genetic Services

The Genetics Program at North York General is one of Ontario’s largest regional genetics centres and one of the first in the world to offer prenatal screening. Individuals and families come to us for a strong family-focused approach to patient care.

What happens at a genetics appointment?

You will be seen by either a geneticist (a doctor specializing in genetics), a genetic counsellor or both. They will review your concerns, ask you questions about your medical history, and provide you with information and support so you can make informed decisions regarding your care throughout pregnancy.

When serious birth defects or genetic anomalies are identified in a pregnancy, a geneticist and genetic counsellor will meet with patients to offer further testing. They may also discuss prognosis and the option of stopping the pregnancy.

The decisions you make about your pregnancy are personal and entirely your own. Our genetic counsellors will provide you with information and arrange services to support whatever decision you make.