Visitor Policy

Updated: July 7, 2022

Who can visit?

  • Two (2) parents/essential care providers (ECPs)/visitors can be present in the NICU, and at the bedside, at the same time. However, one parent must always be one of the essential care providers.
  • Siblings 5 years of age and older are permitted to visit in the NICU.
  • Only 1 sibling is permitted at the bedside at a time, and must always be supervised by an adult.
  • Siblings visiting are in addition to the up to 2 adults.

All parent(s)/ECPs/Visitors will have 24-hour access with in and out privileges. Entry and Exit for the general site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. – South Lobby and West Lobby
  • 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. – South Lobby (controlled access). Press buzzer on intercom by public entrance door and security will remotely unlock to provide access to the hospital. 

Parent(s)/ECPs/visitors will be asked to sign-in upon arrival and sign-out at departure during the 24-hour period. This will help with tracking of activity and limit the spread of the COVID-19.

Precautions for entering the hospital 

North York General has passive screening in place at all entrances. Upon each entry to the hospital, all parents/ECPs/visitors (including children) must self-screen, sanitize their hands and put on a mask that is provided in the self-service dispensers. Please do not visit if you are sick or you answer yes to any of the items listed on the self-screening signs.

Please wear the mask provided from the dispenser upon entry to the hospital.  The mask must be worn over your nose and mouth while you are in the hospital. 

Can I Ever Take My Mask Off?

No. A mask must be worn at all times while in the hospital.


  • Eating or drinking are permitted in the following areas:
    • The family lounge at the designated (social distanced) seating area.  This includes water. 
    • If you are assigned to a Care by Parent Room, eating and drinking may be done in this area when the door is closed.
    • If you are assigned a Courtesy Room, eating and drinking may be done in this area with the curtain completely closed around the bed. 
    • No hot drinks or food are permitted at the infant’s bedside. ONLY cold water at the bedside
  • Sleeping:
    • If you are sleeping in a courtesy room, you can remove your mask during sleep once you have closed the curtain. 

**if your mask is wet or dirty – please ask the nurse for a replacement mask.**

General Considerations  

We recommend frequent hand washing and frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces (ex. Cell phones) (if you require sanitization wipes to facilitate this while in the unit please ask one of the nurses). 

Your cooperation is appreciated and will contribute to keeping the NICU safe for all babies, staff and parents/caregivers. If you have any suggestions or requests on how we can virtually engage other family members who are unable to visit, please let the team know.