Discharge and Feedback

  • We encourage you to ask questions to clarify information that you are unclear about upon discharge.
  • Be certain you understand follow-up appointment information, or changes to any medications or new medications you have been prescribed.
  • You may be asked to visit your family doctor for follow up after your emergency visit.


We invite you to provide feedback on your visit. You may be mailed a survey to complete about your visit to our Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency.

Our staff and health care professionals strive to provide the best care during your visit. However, we continually work to make improvements. Your feedback helps us in our improvement planning.

For example, you may be asked questions about:

  • the overall care you received in the Emergency Department
  • if your fears and anxieties were addressed
  • if your pain was managed well
  • if you would recommend our Emergency Department to friends and family members.

Your positive comments, along with suggestions for improvement, will be well received by our staff.