Clinical Services

North York General Hospital’s clinical service offers genetic counselling, assessment and diagnosis to a wide range of patients who meet with a genetic counsellor and/or clinical geneticist. We aim to provide information and support to our patients in a clear and sensitive manner. We will ask questions about a person’s family history and might ask to collect medical records on the patient or his/her relatives. Medical records can give specific details needed for genetic assessment. Genetic disease can have far-reaching implications for the extended family. The Genetics Program has a unique and strong family-focused approach to patient care.

Genetic testing is offered in certain situations. The limitations and benefits of genetic testing are discussed at length with patients to help them make an informed choice.

Patients with an upcoming cancer genetic counselling appointment should watch this video prior to their appointment.

To watch the video with real-time closed captioning (subtitles), please click on the CC logo in the lower right corner after the video starts.

We offer services for:


Patients may be referred to the Genetics Program by their physician or midwife. Referral forms for NYGH’s Genetics Program.