Medical Imaging Provider Referral Forms and Instructions

Please note: Some of our North York General Hospital services are now using Ocean eReferral. Faxed referrals are accepted however, do have a longer processing time than eReferral.

Using eReferral will allow us to efficiently communicate directly with you about the status of your referral.

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Online access to imaging records through PocketHealth

North York General Hospital provides imaging records to patients and their care providers only through secure, online access. Learn more about the Access Page.

Guidelines for ordering CT exams with contrast

Abdominal and pelvic imaging typically requires contrast unless the study is being performed to assess adrenal nodules or kidney stones. Cancer imaging, and imaging obtained to work up infection is best performed with contrast. Additionally, all CT angiograms require IV contrast. Other common studies such as routine CT heads, spine imaging and low-dose CT chest are done with unenhanced technique.