Acute Care of the Elderly

The frail elderly with complex health problems have unique needs and present specific challenges for accurate diagnosis and assessment. 

We have 12 acute care beds at the General site to meet the needs of seniors who come through the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency or from within the hospital. Our goal is to provide an environment that addresses patients’ acute medical needs, maximizes their well-being, and returns them to the most appropriate living environment. Using an interdisciplinary approach, their complex medical, functional, cognitive, social and psychogeriatric problems are addressed to prevent further decline and unnecessary complications during their stay. 

Geriatric Internal Consultation Team (inpatient) 

This interdisciplinary team provides clinical support to all areas across the hospital. It offers comprehensive geriatric assessment, recommendations and follow-up that assists in early intervention, management of complex issues and helps reduce a patient’s length of stay and prevent re-hospitalization.