Department of Anesthesia

The Department of Anesthesia at North York General Hospital is comprised of over two dozen anesthesiologists experienced in all surgical specialties, acute and chronic pain, pre-operative assessments, and labour and delivery. Our anesthesiologists are adept in general anesthesia, regional anesthesia (spinals and epidurals), peripheral nerve blocks (including femoral nerve blocks and brachial plexus blocks), and various levels of sedation.

Modern anesthetic machines and monitors ensure that patients are given safe general anesthetics. Our team utilizes ultrasound technology to ensure that peripheral nerve blocks are performed safely and more effectively. The anesthesiologists work as a team, alongside surgeons, nurses, and anesthesia assistants. 

Before their surgery, many patients are scheduled to see an anesthesiologist to ensure medical conditions are optimized, lowering their risk of anesthetic complications. Patients may be ordered a combination of pre-emptive analgesics, given before their surgery.