Bruce LaRue

Since 2017, Bruce has served as a Patient Experience Partner (PXP) at North York General Hospital (NYGH). He worked at Bell Canada for 25 years and then had his own consulting business. Following his retirement, he was looking for ways to give back to his community and volunteered at a local food bank. The volunteer work was gratifying but after several years Bruce was looking for a change. Around that time, Steve O’Keefe, a friend, and a PXP at NYGH, encouraged Bruce to apply to the program and he did. Six years later, Bruce is still actively volunteering.

“I have had the opportunity to review finance policies, advise on patient billing communications, and support an initiative that explored alternative revenue generating opportunities at the hospital.”, said Bruce.

Over the last year, Bruce has supported e-Referral, a program that allows primary care physicians to electronically refer patients for testing. He has also served on the Digital Patient Experience Innovation Group. As well, he participated on hiring panels for senior leaders, including the role of Vice President, Corporate Performance and Digital Health Innovation, Chief Financial Officer.

“I feel motivated in my PXP role, I know that my input and lived experiences are valued. I am confident that as a collective voice, PXPs are making a difference in the lives of patients and families. Moreover, it is obvious that clinicians and administrative decision-makers are truly listening. Their gratitude and appreciation for the patient voice always come through.”, said Bruce.

Bruce notes that personal interactions with hospital staff are very rewarding, and the back-and-forth dialogue allows him to better understand his volunteer role. In the coming months, Bruce looks forward to an increased return to in-person PXP engagement.

Bruce had hip replacement surgeries at NYGH, This lived experience as a surgery patient informs Bruce’s new, long-term engagement.

Bruce, thank you for ensuring people come first in everything you do!