North York General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is one of Canada's leading community academic hospitals. 

Our staff and physicians are regularly recognized for their excellence in teaching and their contribution to health care.

Hospital Teaching and Education Awards

Resident Awards

Charles E. Snelling M.D. Pediatric Award
Dr. Natalie Pulenzas

E.W. Wight M.D. Memorial Award
Dr. Corey Sermer

Isser Dubinsky M.D. Award
Dr. Melody Ng

Nathan Sher M.D. Award
Dr. Nayantara Ghosh

Stan Bain M.D. Award for Leadership in Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Taglione

Teaching Awards

Martin Wolfish M.D. Award
Dr. Natalya Zhang

John Armstrong M.D. Award
Dr. Millie Paupst

Family Medicine Teaching of the Year
Dr. Tanya Wyman

Excellence in Specialty Teaching of Family Medicine Residents
Dr. Adrian Heller
Dr. Erica Merman
Dr. Kareem Morant

Anne McMahon Obstetrics & Gynecology Nurse Teaching Award
Alexandra Palmeri

Dietetics Preceptor Award
Rennu Rahul

Nursing Preceptor Award
Angela Galand
Kathy Ross

Occupational Therapy Preceptor Award
Kristin Collins
Lana Israel

Pharmacy Preceptor Award
Esther Liu

Pharmacy Technician Preceptor Award
Barath Suresh

Physiotherapy Preceptor Award
Scarlette Wong

Respiratory Therapy Preceptor Award
Vanessa Jaque-Weisser

Social Work Preceptor Award
Toni Lui

Speech Language Pathology Preceptor Award
Nadia Pennella

Excellence in Precepting Award: Graduate
Daphne Flatt

Tim Rutledge Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching and Education
Dr. Allyson Merbaum
Voula Christofilos