North York General Hospital is one of Canada’s leading community academic hospitals. The hospital’s major programs include Cancer Care, Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Genetics, Maternal Newborn, Medicine and Elder Care, Mental Health, and Surgery.

They are supported by a number of departments including Medical Imaging, Laboratory Medicine and Pharmacy Services. The hospital has over 300 active staff physicians, with most having a faculty appointment at the University of Toronto.

Education program

At North York General Hospital, there is a long standing tradition and commitment to medical education, dating back to the inception of the hospital in 1968. Since 2004, a renewed commitment to training medical students and residents has resulted in a significant increase in the medical learner days. At the University of Toronto, one out every five medical learner days in the community takes place at NYGH. All of the programs and departments are involved in medical education. The largest contributors include Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Medicine and Surgery.

North York General programs are the training site for four core clerkship programs and provide a site for core rotations to 22 different University of Toronto Residency Programs. North York General is actively involved in pre-clerkship teaching. Family physicians and specialists teach year 1 and 2 medical students in Clinical Skills, Health in the Community and Case-Based Learning courses. As well, Portfolio courses are taught to students throughout the four-year program.