2020 Patricia Mackey Patient- and Family-Centred Care Education Awards

December 10, 2020

The Patricia Mackey Patient- and Family-Centred Care Education Award is an annual award to recognize staff, physicians, volunteers, and Patient and Family Advisors (PFAs) who develop projects or programs designed to further advance the culture of Patient- and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) at North York General Hospital (NYGH). Patricia Mackey was one of the hospital’s first PFAs and was deeply passionate about developing PFCC at NYGH after receiving care as a patient through the cancer care program. Following her death in 2014, Pat’s family and friends created an award in her name to encourage and support continued excellence in the area of PFCC.

This year, 13 recipients were selected for the 2020 Patricia Mackey Patient- and Family-Centred Care Education Award. The winners included staff, physicians, and learners who represent different areas across the organization. This year’s recipients are all inspiring healthcare professionals who are passionate about improving the quality of the patient, family, and caregiver experience at North York General through their patient- and family-centred projects. 

Learn more about this year’s award winners by watching this short video that captures the essence of who is at the heart of NYGH.


Conference Grant

Emma Silver, Social Worker

Emma is a social worker in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outpatient Services at Phillips House. Her unique project addresses the essential role that caregivers have in supporting a young person’s mental health treatment. As our 2020 conference grant award recipient, Emma will be virtually attending the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s annual conference in early December.

Seed Grant

Seed grants are awarded to individuals and/or teams to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of PFCC projects at NYGH. Recipients receive funding of up to $1000 which can be applied towards materials, education, training, IT, etc. that support the development, implementation, and evaluation of PFCC projects.

Dr. Mahmoud Aarabi, Laboratory Geneticist & team: Dr. Lea Velsher, Dr. Ali Asgary, Ingrid Ambus, Clare Gibbons and Julia Su

Dr. Mahmoud Aarabi and his team were recognized with a seed grant for their unique project titled “Digital Technology Tools for Enhanced Education of Cancer Patients and Families Undergoing Genetic Testing”. As our 2020 seed grant award recipient, Dr. Aarabi and his team will be kick starting their exciting project.

Sarah Carney, Elder Life Specialist (Medicine Program) & team: Rina-Marie Austrie-Fletcher, Daphne Flatt, Marina Brezinov and Wendy Cheung

Sarah Carney and her team were chosen for a seed grant for their project titled “Toolkits for Management of Responsive Behaviours”. As our 2020 seed grant award recipient, Sarah and her team will be kick starting their exciting project.

Patient- and Family-Centred Care Champion Award

Candidates for these awards are nominated by their peers and hospital leaders who wish to recognize the outstanding contributions and dedication of our staff, physicians, and volunteers.

Julia Su, Genetic Counsellor, Clinical Genetics

Valeria Thompson, Clinical Team Manager, 4West and Pre-Operative Clinic, Surgery Program

Marina Bitton, Clinical Team Manager, CrCU and Co-Lead CCRT, Medicine Program

Elaine Tat, Unit Coordinator, 7 North Geriatric Psychiatry Unit, Mental Health Program

Adult Eating Disorders Team, Mental Health Program

Andrea Hollingshead, Clinical Team Manager, Maternal Newborn, Paediatrics and Clinical Genetics, Labour and Delivery

Dr. Shaheen Doctor, Neonatologist/Paediatrician, Medical Director Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Department of Paediatrics

Tamara Belfer, Senior Lead, Strategic Initiatives

Esther Huang, Child Life Specialist, Paediatrics

Student Learner: Future Patient- and Family-Centred Care Champion Award

The student leader award recognizes the outstanding contributions of our learners who exemplify PFCC in their role and set leading examples for their peers. Recipients develop, implement, and/or evaluate a PFCC initiative during their placement, with the support of their field instructors and/or preceptors and mentorship of the PFCC Office.

Dr. Anand Sinha, Family Medicine Resident