COVID-19 update

March 4, 2020

Updated March 5: This patient has now been discharged and is back in self-isolation at home.


On behalf of Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO

On Monday, March 2, an adult patient, who tested positive for COVID-19 at NYGH, as I shared in a message on our website on March 1, has been admitted to our hospital for further care.

Toronto Public Health alerted us prior to the patient’s arrival and the Emergency Department team isolated the patient and managed their care using all the appropriate precautions. The patient has been admitted to an isolation room and is in stable condition.

We have been prepared for the likelihood of admitting patients who test positive for COVID-19 and it is possible that we will see more individuals presenting with a combination of symptoms and a travel history to affected areas.

The patient is being managed with the appropriate precautions and the hospital is safe for patients and visitors. North York General remains open and clinics and scheduled procedures continue to operate as normal. This is something we have been prepared for and does not impact the care we provide day-to-day. We encourage patients to continue to look after their health by accessing care as needed as well as attending scheduled appointments and tests.