Letter to Patients, Family Members, and Care Partners – What to Expect During a Hospital Stay

November 10, 2022
Letter to Patients, Family Members, and Care Partners: What to Expect During a Hospital Stay

To our valued patients, family members, and care partners:

The COVID-19 pandemic has put significant strain on Ontario’s health system and we are seeing a higher demand for hospital services. We are also experiencing a nation-wide shortage of health professionals.

During your admission, you or your family member may be transferred to different rooms or floors of the hospital. This may include a transfer to a unit under an active COVID-19 outbreak, hallway space, four bedded room, or a room with someone of a different gender. These moves help us manage the high volume of acutely ill patients in our busy Emergency Department.

Our commitment is to provide patients with the safest and most appropriate care. Transfer decisions will be made in consultation with experts who manage bed access across the hospital in collaboration with Infection Prevention and Control professionals. These moves are necessary and the clinical teams are unable to fulfill any special requests at this time. Most private rooms will be used for patients requiring isolation and patients will be moved once this is no longer a requirement.

Ontario is also experiencing delays in placing patients needing rehab or long-term care. We also ask that patients and families work cooperatively with their care team to discuss timely discharge options when patients no longer require hospital services. This may include moving to NYGH’s Reactivation Care Centre or being discharged home with community supports until arrangements can be made for transfer to rehab or long-term care. Your collaboration with the discharge process is important as timely hospital discharges are necessary so that we are able to admit patients waiting in the Emergency Department.

We understand that this situation is difficult and frustrating for our patients and families. It is also a great challenge for the health care team who is committed to doing its best to comfort and care for patients. Along with this frustration, we are seeing an increase of abusive behaviour towards staff and physicians. NYGH has a zero-tolerance policy regarding abusive behaviour. If abusive behaviour occurs you will be asked to leave the hospital. A bit of kindness makes all the difference.

On behalf of our teams, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during these difficult times.


Karyn Popovich
President & CEO