North York General Hospital joins MyChart™

March 31, 2020

North York General Hospital is pleased to offer patients free online access to their health records with MyChart™.

This is a secure online tool that allows patients to electronically access their medical records from NYGH and over 40 participating hospitals (including Sunnybrook, Michael Garron and Baycrest) across the province. 

Using a computer or mobile device, users can easily view test results, clinical reports and other health information.

For NYGH patients to register for an account, they need to first obtain a four-digit PIN. This process can be completed online or by calling the Health Records Release of Information office at (416) 756-6209 or by emailing

Once a PIN has been received the registration process can be completed at

“Timely access to and management of one’s heath information, and with whom it may be shared, is a desire of every patient,” says NYGH Patient and Family Advisor Steve O’Keefe.  “MyChart is a positive step in engaging greater participation by patients in their health care.” 

Patients who are tested for COVID-19 will be able to check their results in MyChart™ and will receive notification when their results are ready to be viewed. This is just one of the benefits patients will have when they are able to access information related to their hospital records.

Additional features of MyChart™ include the ability to share health information with primary care providers and loved ones, a personal appointment calendar, and health tracking.

At North York General we believe providing our patients with electronic access to their health records will enhance their experience by saving them time and reducing the cost of making a traditional paper request. But more importantly, it will empower them as health care consumers and partners in their own care.

For more information please visit the NYGH MyChart™ webpage.