North York General Hospital receives Planning Grant for new Reactivation Care Centre

February 20, 2020

TORONTO, February 20, 2020 – The Ontario Ministry of Health has approved a Planning Grant for North York General Hospital (NYGH) to develop a new Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) and help end hallway healthcare.

NYGH is planning to revitalize its Branson site to create an RCC to provide specialized care for patients transitioning out of hospital.

The Government’s announcement of a $1.5 million Planning Grant will allow NYGH to lay the groundwork for improving access to care for patients and families and reducing wait times in hospitals. This grant will support up to 130 new transitional care beds for NYGH and other hospitals who are facing capacity challenges.

“This type of investment, in addition to the establishment of Ontario Health Teams, is putting the health care system on the right track to eliminating hallway health care and providing patients with timely, seamless care,” says Dr. Joshua Tepper, NYGH President and CEO. “We have first-hand experience with the Reactivation Care model and the benefits it provides patients and families, as well as the overall health system.”

Patients receiving care in a RCC have access to specialized activation therapies in a setting designed to support their transition to home, or other destinations such as long-term care. RCCs provide care to help patients gain the strength and ability to get home sooner.

“Ontario is continuing to deliver on its plan to end hallway health care by expanding innovative patient-centred care models across the province like the Branson Site Reactivation Care Centre,” says Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “The centre will support patients and their families in their health care journey by providing patients with appropriate therapy and rehabilitation care while they are waiting to transition back home, to the community or to long-term care homes.”

Since 1998, NYGH has operated the Branson site, located at Finch Ave. and Bathurst St., for surgical and non-surgical out-patient services as well as a microbiology lab.  

North York General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is one of Canada’s leading community academic hospitals. In a global ranking of hospitals, NYGH placed second in Canada and among the top 100 in the world. We offer our diverse community a wide range of acute care, ambulatory and long-term care services across multiple sites. Through partnerships, collaboration and academic endeavours, we seek to set new standards for patient- and family-centred care. Working together with our patients and their families, we are making a world of difference.

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