NYGH and North York Toronto Health Partners launch first OHT initiative

October 5, 2020

North York General Hospital (NYGH) in collaboration with North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP), is launching its first initiative as an Ontario Health Team (OHT) on October 5, 2020: the NYGH Supportive Geriatric Outreach Program.

The Supportive Geriatric Outreach Program will provide integrated supportive, palliative and end-of-life care for homebound patients living with progressive, life-limiting, non-cancer illness. As part of the program, palliative outreach nurse practitioners (NPs) and physicians will work together with our community partners to provide coordinated, holistic care.

This initiative is only the beginning of the NYTHP’s efforts to improve how care is delivered to the community by creating new and better partnerships among different health care organizations.

The NYTHP’ Year 1 OHT priorities focused on individuals in the community with the highest needs who would benefit the most from seamless care: senior citizens, people with mental health and addiction issues and those approaching end of life. Now, in Year 2, the programs developed to serve these priority populations are coming to life.  

As the first initiative to launch, the Supportive Geriatric Outreach Program team, NYGH and the NYTHP as a whole look forward to enhancing the quality of life of homebound patients and their families using a palliative approach to care.

For more information about the NYGH Supportive Care Outreach Program please visit: www.northyorktorontohealthpartners.ca