NYGH’s New Reactivation Care Centre Opens Door to Seniors

December 21, 2022

Providing the right environment for specialized restorative care

North York General Hospital (NYGH) is excited to announce the opening of its new Finch Site Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) located at 555 Finch Ave West, the site of the former Branson Hospital. 

NYGH’s 120-bed RCC is a much-needed option for seniors who require additional restorative care between a hospital stay and safely transitioning to long-term care, back home or another appropriate setting for ongoing care. Not only is this the right care in the right place for many patients, it will free up hospital beds for severely ill patients who need them.

On December 17 and 18, the new RCC welcomed the first 46 patients from our hospital and from NYGH’s former RCC site at the Humber River Hospital RCC location.  The move went very smoothly and the first patients in the RCC are settling in for the next phase in their care.

“This new RCC really supports us to provide the highest quality of care. We have more space for patients, new equipment, and a warm, welcoming environment,” says Rachael Chin-You, Clinical Nurse Educator at NYGH.

In her role at the RCC, Rachael develops processes, offers training, and helps team members enhance their skills. She’s also had the unique opportunity to work alongside some of her peers who have been involved in the planning and preparation of the new RCC, offering a frontline nursing perspective to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care.

“We have been part of the plan every step of the way and it has been rewarding on so many levels,” says Rachael.

An outdoor sign that reads NYGH Finch Site
A group of healthcare professionals assisting an elderly patient.

The new RCC is designed for healing, reactivation and family participation with large, bright patient rooms and family waiting lounges, dedicated space for recreational therapy, and spacious washrooms. Interpretation services and cultural food options are also available for patients from our diverse communities. Enjoy a video tour of the new site here.

The main goal of the RCC model is to help patients be as independent and active as possible with the support of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy and other services. Patients will be assisted at each step of the way through a collaborative care plan tailored to their individual needs. Family involvement in their loved ones’ care is promoted.

“Patients will receive the same quality of care at the RCC as they would in hospital and they’re going to experience it in a bright, inviting environment that caters to the needs of seniors living in our communities,” says Carol Dawkins, RCC Unit Coordinator.

Staff at the Finch Site Reactivation Care Centre

Carol is part of the NYGH interprofessional team who determines which patients are the best candidates to be transferred to the RCC. The team includes nurses, allied health such as occupational therapists, social workers, physicians, nurse practitioners, and others, including LOFT Community Services (Leap of Faith Together) who will help support those with expressive behaviours related to dementia and other conditions.

Our building at 555 Finch Ave W. has undergone extensive renovations to provide the best possible environment to prepare patients to successfully return home or continue their care in the next setting. This new service is the largest capital expansion at NYGH since the late 1990s.  It was a major undertaking involving teams from across every department who persevered despite the many ups and downs during the pandemic.

Before the first patients moved into the new facility, team members received extensive training through the NYGH simulation training program to ensure they are prepared for all emergency scenarios, including a fire evacuation.

Healthcare professionals in the NYGH simulation training program

“To see it all come to life end to end, and to help make the experience even better for patients and families is truly amazing. I’m honoured to say that we are helping to make this a reality,” says Rachael. “This is just the beginning for seniors’ care in North York.”

The RCC is part of NYGH’s well-established and growing network of connected seniors’ services.

More information on the NYGH Finch Site RCC can be found at Reactivation Care Centre