Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in both our Outpatient Pharmacy and Inpatient Pharmacy work with patients, caregivers and other health care providers to ensure safe medication use and practices.

Our Outpatient Pharmacy is located at the General Site and is owned and operated by North York General Hospital. We offer services to meet your prescription needs as well as offer a selection of home healthcare and other health and wellness products.

Our Inpatient Pharmacy provides services to patients during their stay at NYGH. If you wish to speak to an inpatient pharmacist while you are an inpatient at NYGH, please ask a member of your health care team.

Outpatient Pharmacy

Our Outpatient Pharmacy at the General site is owned and operated by North York General Hospital. Drop by for fast and friendly service for your prescription needs or browse through our selection of health and wellness products.

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Services Offered

Inpatient Pharmacy

The General and RCC Finch site Pharmacy serves the needs of patients admitted to NYGH and in ambulatory clinics. Pharmacists provide clinical services and Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for the preparation and compounding of medications. Our medication system is integrated with technology such as barcode scanning, automated dispensing cabinets, electronic medication administration records, and an electronic health record to ensure safe preparation, dispensing and administration of medications. 

Services Offered

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