People-Centred Care

North York General is committed to following a People-Centred Care approach in everything we do. This means considering a person’s environment, social conditions, lifestyle, values and beliefs. Inherent in People-Centred Care is addressing health inequities related to health status, access to services and outcomes.

We are also finding more opportunities for our team members and health care providers to have meaningful input on our projects and programs so they are holistic, inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Building on NYGH’s strong leadership in health quality, People-Centred Care will enable us to have an even greater impact on the health and wellbeing of our diverse community for generations to come.

People-Centred Care is foundational to delivering on our Strategic Plan 2020-2025, Thinking Beyond, and supports each of our Strategic Plan priorities. Learn more.

Patient Experience Partner Program (PXP)

Our Patient Experience Partner (PXP) Program is a great example of People-Centred Care. PXPs are volunteers who are former patients and/or family members of patients at NYGH. They partner with NYGH teams to co-design an improved experience for patients, residents, families, and caregivers. They participate in a wide range of short to long term hospital committees, projects, and initiatives. PXPs reflect our commitment to strengthen People-Centred Care at NYGH and apply a People-Centred Care approach to the design and delivery of our services. Become a Patient Experience Partner.