Fiscal Accountability

Financial Statements

Expense Disclosure

North York General is committed to being open and transparent with its stakeholders and the general public. Further to the hospital's commitment is our compliance with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010. This act was created in part, to strengthen and reinforce accountability, transparency and oversight of hospital expense claims. NYGH will create reports which will include information regarding travel, meal, and hospitality expenses made by our President & CEO and members of our Senior Leadership Team. This public disclosure will continue on a semi-annual basis.

Executive Compensation

Public Sector Salary Disclosure

Each year, since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act was passed in 1996, the Ontario Government has published a compendium on public sector employees who earn $100,000 or more. Organizations that receive public funding from the Province are required to disclose the names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of these employees.

Procurement Directive

Consultant Use Disclosure